Creation Myth Friday – Inca

Viracocha - Incan creation god

Viracocha – Incan creation god

So every Friday I’m going to hunt down some interesting creation myths. Today I’ve been looking into the Incan civilisation.

The Inca’s were pretty amazing and created a remarkable civilisation that spanned through central and southern America. We all know Machu Picchu and the amazing cities that they made. But what did they believe, and who did they believe in?

The Incan head deity was Viracocha who created the world and everything in it except for the sun. When the people rebelled against him he killed everyone by a massive flood. Everyone except a man and woman who hid in a box. Viracocha took pity on them and let them live. He created the plants,  the language and everything surrounding it. He created other tribes and people out of clay as well (see even gods play with clay).

Inti is the sun god.

Supai is the God of the Underworld. Apparently he was a greedy god, and sacrifices were often made to him…human sacrifices.

Remember, this is only one creation myths from the Incan civilisation. There a few that have been recorded because there were different tribes within the Incas and they all had a slightly different take on creation.

A Llama photobombing Machu Picchu, because it's Friday.

A Llama photobombing Machu Picchu, because it’s Friday.


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