The archaeology bucket list

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

If you’re into history and gallavanting around the world then be sure to add some of these Archaeological sites onto your bucket list…if they’re not there already! What are some of yours?

Here it goes:

Pyramids in Egypt as well as the Valley of the Kings, and the Sphinx.
The Mayan temples in Central America.
Stonehenge in England.
Machu Picchu (obviously).
Angkar in Cambodia
Ayers Rock (Uluru) in Australia
Terracotta Warriors in China
The Moai of Easter Island, and if you’re into nature then Galapagos.
Petra in Jordan
Leshan Giant Buddha in China
Templo Mayer (Aztec) in Mexico
Sterkfontein and Swartkrans in South Africa
Ephesus in Turkey
Basically the whole of Greece, Rome and Israel
Odulvai Gorge in Tanzania for some Australopithecus finds
Mosfell in Iceland
Mapungubwe in South Africa

There are so many around the world that it would take ages to mention them all. But these are some of the ones I have on my bucket list. Now to start saving.

It’s always interesting to discover and learn about new places, so let me know if there are some biggies I’ve left off the list? no doubt there are.


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