Cities of the deep


Underwater archaeology is fascinating with an abundance of sites beneath the surface. Ancient cities, ports and ruins are amongst some of the discoveries underneath the big blue. Here are 4 of the top finds.

1. Port Royal (Jamaica)

When we talk about Captain Morgan we don’t mean the rum, but the actual pirate who used to scour the seas for loot, women and booze. Port Royal was probably one of the most infamous ports, as it encompassed everything you can think of in those old school pirate movies. The wicked city was sent to Davy Jones in 1692 when a massive earthquake sucked it in.

2. The city of Alexandria (Egypt)

Off the coast of Egypt lies the city of Alexandria. Said to have been the city dedicated to conqueror Alexander the Great, the city was plunged into the ocean due to earthquakes around 1500 BC. Statues of Cleopatra, temple gods, and carved stone plates have been found (all in magnificent appearance), making this one of the most amazing Egyptian underwater finds.


3. Lion City of Quianda Lake (China)

An amazing city in the Quianda lake was intentionally submerged to create a dam in the 1950s. Little did they know they were covering up some historical remnants from the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25 – 220). Over 265 arches have been found, and the ruins have preserved perfectly making it a tourist attraction for all those history junkies.

4. Yonaguni-Jima (Japan)

Found in the 1980s off the coast of Okinawa, this +-8000 year old ruin is one of the biggest in the Southeast region. The massive stone monoliths have baffled archaeologists in the past, but the findings of carvings and tools are evidence that this was a man made structure.



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