The history and “secrets” of Antarctica

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The continent of Antarctica on our Earth’s bottom has attracted a lot of conspiracy theories and interest over the last few decades. But what is fact, and what is fiction?

It’s difficult to properly research this topic in a short space of time, but basically there is so much intrigue and conjecture that it’s time for some cold hard facts. Researchers say that Antarctica developed its ice sheets some 34 million years ago, but between 16.4 and 15.7 million years ago there was a quite a pleasant warm period that thawed out the outer layers of the continent, revealing a pretty lush and habitable environment.

This vast tundra was abundant in plant life and maybe even possible animal life as the temperatures rose 3-7 degree Celsius. Life was most likely small, maybe just in the form of plants and bacteria, but there was some aspect of life there, just like there is now, only now it’s mainly in the sea.

The Arctic Tundra - doesn't look too bad.

The Arctic Tundra – doesn’t look too bad.

This has been proven due to plant sediment beneath the ice sheets that was evident of a productive era a long long time ago during the Miocene epoch. A dead plant goes through a fossilised stage after it dies, trapping in essential pollen and wax that perfectly preserves itself for researchers to one day find and analyse.

As far as I could find, there weren’t any civilisations that once roamed the plains of Antarctica, but we know so little about the continent that I’m game to keep an open-mind about the whole subject.

Some of the conspiracy theories that surround Antarctica include aliens, pyramids, UFOs and Hitler.

Pyramid, or just plain old mountain? I’m going with the latter

Some people believe the Nazis had a fortress on Antarctica and a place for Hitler to hide out in, as well as meet some aliens. Apparently the Germans did send a ship to this region during WWII, but to find out more about the whaling industry than create a ice kingdom.



We all know Ancient Aliens and the pictures and the videos, but how much of it is really true. To me it’s only real if you want it to be because it just seems to far-fetched, but that’s me, and I’m still trying to keep an open-mind over here. Mountains the shapes of pyramids have been found along with a massive spaceships under the ice.

“What’s with the creepy X-File music in the video?”

Whether you believe in the fact that aliens or Nazis visited Antarctica, or no one visited it and it’s just an isolated place that has the misfortune of being far away from the sun, in the end it’s all up to you, just don’t go overboard…


5 thoughts on “The history and “secrets” of Antarctica

  1. I personally like the “theory” that Antarctica was Atlantis. Can’t remember who first brought it up but it’s a popular topic among pseudoarchaeologists, probably because a “lost” continent sells more books and TV air time than one that probably never home to any indigenous humans. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks working for the History Channel think aliens lived there. It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually believe these ridiculous theories… ;-p

    Having said that, if they ever found any evidence of early human presence on the continent, it probably would blow people’s minds…though I sincerely doubt this will ever happen as Antarctica’s been frozen for millions of years. It’s a huge landmass so we’ll probably never find out what’s under all that ice in our lifetimes.


    • Thanks for the comment! I totally agree. Completely forgot to mention the whole Atlantis theory, but it is one that does draw attraction to the god forsaken place! 😛

      For me with the technology we have these days and skills in adjusting pictures, I find the claims of aliens and whatnot hard to believe. But trying to keep an open-mind no matter how hard it wants to slam shut! haha. 🙂


    • 1. “It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually believe these ridiculous theories… ;-p” Ridiculous ideas to you now perhaps, perhaps you should start changing your mind and open it up a little, doing some deeper (and I mean DEEPER, think outside the box, don’t hold on to paradigms too much, be more open minded, don’t be arrogant/ignorant) research, start seeing and understanding things you currently cannot. Question what you’ve been taught, do research on your own. Then it won’t be ridiculous anymore. I can see my 12-14 year old me in you actually, at that time I thought a lot of things were crazy and unbelievable, and all that anger/fear/hate and ignorant/arrogant childish behaviour of mine, and boy have I changed since then.

      2. To claim that Antarctica has been “frozen for millions of years” you’d really need some great evidence to back up that idea. I would not be surprised if they found (and/or covered up) that the continent having once been inhabited by a technologically advanced race of humans. And extraterrestrials are certainly not as crazy as it may sound to you. Research. Think outside the box. That’s the formula for success in science and searching for the truth. May you have a good day, my friend! 🙂


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