Has King David’s palace been discovered?

An aerial view of the site

An aerial view of the site

Archaeologists in Israel have revealed a fortified site called Khirbet Qeiyafa that dates back to the 10th century BC in the Kingdom of Judah, and may have been the palace of Kind David

A few factors point to this being a royal site, like the 15 metre storeroom that was generally used for collecting taxes from the people in surrounding cities. Another aspect is the position, as this site is higher up than the smaller houses around it.

Yossi Garfinkel from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Sa’ar Ganor from Israel’s Antiques Authority have led the seven year dig, which is now drawing to close, saving its most spectacular find for last.

Yossi Garfinkel with pottery from the site

Yossi Garfinkel with pottery from the site

According to archaeologists no traces of pork has been found at the site, which is evident of many Judean cultures of that time due to dietary laws.

The factuality of Biblical Archaeology has been criticized and disputed over many years, and the jury is still out. Some archaeologists believe that the stories in the Bible can’t be used as a means to support physical sites.

The fact remains that as far as we know, no real evidence of King David’s existence has come forward.

The site could very well have been made by other cultures of the time such as the Philistines or the Canaanites.

The site was destroyed during the Byzantine ruling circa 1500 BC.

No matter who built this fortified site or who occupied it, one thing can be said for sure, it’s amazing!

The cultic objects, pottery, rooms and the site itself is a phenomenal find and kudos needs to be given to a team of archaeologists who spend seven years at one site, and found something mind-blowing.

Colourful pic of King David

Colourful pic of King David


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