A coffin within a coffin – sounds like a familiar movie

The coffin in question

The coffin in question

The excavation in the parking lot of Leicester made the remarkable discovery of Richard III’s remains. But now there’s a new mystery to unravel, get the gang together, cause this one’s a doozy!

Right next the remains of the former king, a stone coffin was excavated withholding the remains of either Peter Swynsfeld (1272), William of Nottingham (1330) or Sir William Moton (1356 or 1362). Analysis has yet to be done on the dating of the coffin, so results should provide a better picture of who lies there. I’m going with Moton, just saying.

The dig in the friary parking lot has caused a lot of attention from media and other archaeologists. From what we know of Richard III, he was a young king and died in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 after only ruling for two years. He was also the last of the House of York. According to his skeleton he had severe scoliosis and walked with a hunchback. There wasn’t many libations about his burial, which is probably the reason his skeleton took over 500 years to uncover.

How Richard III might have looked

How Richard III might have looked

But back to these coffins now. The outside of the coffin is lead and has a cross on it, and the one inside it is stone, which is one of the most bizarre discoveries archaeologists have found in quite some time. If I was them I would be a tad sceptical to open that second coffin seeing as all those B-Grade movies end in someone melting.

Matthew Morris, the site director of the University of Leicester Archaeological Services states: “None of us in the team have ever seen a lead coffin within a stone coffin before. We will now need to work out how to open it safely, as we don’t want to damage the contents when we are opening the lid.”

Indeed and indeed!

The mystery of the coffin within a coffin, or coffinception, seems to be having a Russian Doll effect, and will hopefully be figured out soon, in the meantime maybe this is a new movie idea for Christopher Nolan…


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