Future technology for the past – Cyber Archaeology

GIS in action

GIS in action

Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds, producing newer and easier ways to find an archaeological site without the damage of digging. Cyber archaeology is one of the latest of these technologies, and brings a 3D aspect to a historical site.

Maurizio Forte of Duke University using image technology and satellite to create a 3D version of a site both above and below the surface. Students and scholars wear 3D classes in a room to almost be surrounded by a visually interactive session. The design of the technology allows Forte and his students to make an educated guess about the ancient civilisation and how they lived. It isn’t re-creating the past, but rather researching it digitally.

Check out the video below for a look at how it works, as well as the Virtual Immersive Environment being created.

Other forms of archaeological technology is GIS – Geographic Information Systems, which is a spatial database that stores and analyses any information from a site or geographical area. In archaeology, GIS has become an important tool, as researchers can put together all the information they have on a site, aerial photographs, GPS and maps etc, to create a 3D model of what the site may look like geographically.

Technology has become a sustainable and innovative element in most industries, and archaeology is no different. In fact, researchers can thrive with the digital advancements we have now, and will no doubt have in the future. Analyses, research, site fieldwork and more aspects of archaeology will soon become more efficient, quicker and accurate. And this future probably isn’t so far so away.


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