Archaeology movies: The things I’ve learnt


Movies and archaeology go together like peas and rice, even though archaeology is a meticulous and patient profession, it’s seems pretty easy to glorify and add some adventure to it. Classic Hollywood.

Here are some of the things I’ve learnt:

The Mummy

Lesson 1: If you’re ever in Egypt and digging up an ancient tomb, never be close to the opening of anything, no one likes a melter.
Lesson 2: Never read from the Book of the Dead.
Lesson 3: If you ever do get chased by a “juicy” mummy that wants your organs, be sure to have Brendan Fraser with you.

highquality (25)

Indiana Jones

Lesson 1: Always carry a whip
Lesson 2: Always have a witty comeback
Lesson 3: Be sure to get the artifact you’re looking for, and make shambles of the rest.


National Treasure

Lesson 1: Always have an escape plan
Lesson 2: Know your facts


Jurassic Park (it’s palaentology, but I’m letting this one slide)

Lesson 1: Dinosaurs don’t like torches
Lesson 2: If a T-Rex is chasing you, don’t run into a Tiki hut style bathroom
Lesson 3: If you come into contact with Velociraptors, be sure to put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.


Tomb Raider

Lesson 1: Be badass
Lesson 2: Always wear short shorts – the less material to get caught on things the better


Relic Hunter

Lesson 1: Have a team of sidekicks to help you through some tight situations
Lesson 2: Make sure you have lots of resources to get those relics.
Lesson 3: Be similar and think like Tomb Raider

Archaeology is a pretty awesome, and unlike the movies it doesn’t really involve death defying stunts. But it’s nice of Hollywood to depict it like that.


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