Alcohol – getting people drunk since?


Alcohol has been getting people wasted for centuries, and has taken many twists and turns throughout its timeline, with different flavours, textures and intensity.

The first evidence of the manufacturing of alcohol is approximately 7000 BC, from – you guessed it – China. The early drink was found in Jiahu, and was a fermented mix of wine, honey and fruit…sounds quite nice..



Moving west now, the Babylonians were busy having a party too around 2700 BC. Along with the Egyptians, their main alcoholic fancy was beer. Offerings of beer and wine would often be given to the dieties of both cultures. In the Egyptian civilisation, one of the most important gods, Osiris, was said to be the creator of beer, bless him.

The Greeks enjoyed their mead, fermented honey and water, but soon got the taste for wine. The cult of Dionysus believed that the more drunk you were, the closer you were to the god, and were able to have an enlightening moment and then pass out.

The Romans had a pretty similar idea to the Greeks, and drank lots and lots of wine, because they could.


Travelling over to India now, and the Indus civilisation started making their own brew around 2000 -3000 BC. A drink called Sura was very popular, and was made from wheat, sugar cane, rice meal, grapes and other fruit. Almost sounds like the first cocktail.

In Mesoamerica, the most popular drink was Pulque, a type of beer that used sugar instead of starch,  and was supposedly brewed from AD 200.

All in all, the history of alcohol is a long one, and has changed throughout time. The most popular and generic it would seem are beer and wine, and why not I guess, it was probably the easiest to make and didn’t need that many techniques that it does today. There’s probably a vast difference between the alcohol of the ancients and the drinks at present, but one thing hasn’t changed, drunken indecency has been looked down upon since it was created, so drink like the ancient would, responsibly and without a car…

Yes, alcohol indeed.

Yes, alcohol indeed.

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