Horse found in melting glacier

A small horse dating back 1000 years, most likely used for packing, has been found in a melting Lendbreen glacier in Norway.

Archaeologists in the Oppland County Council are excited by the find, as horseshoes and horse dung have also been found, dating back 800-900 years.

Horse found in Glacier

Apparently the horse was killed after it broke its leg, which is very distressing even if it has been dead for 1000 years. This region had rocky terrain and was difficult to navigate, but was used as a shortcut for men hunting in the area.

What’s amazing about this find, is that with all the global warming going on, and all the glaciers around the world melting, who knows what other gems are just waiting to be found. Seeing as it’s so cold, it’s the perfect condition for preservation! Exciting times ahead perhaps?

Source: Horsetalk
*I do not own this image


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