Ancient sounds from 6,000 years ago

Archaeological linguist Andrew Byrd has reconstructed the sounds of a 6,000 year old language called Proto-Indo-European, which is most likely the precedent to European and Asian languages. Take a listen!

There are two different theories as to where this language was spoken. The first is the Kurgan Culture – situated by the Black Sea, whereas the second refers to Anatolia.

The sound of this language is amazing and in a way a little eerie, but you can definitely hear an Asian and I think Middle Eastern pitch. The story is about a sheep and a horse, and is popularly known as Schleider’s Fable in Germany.

Here is the translation: A sheep that had no wool saw horses, one of them pulling a heavy wagon, one carrying a big load, and one carrying a man quickly. The sheep said to the horses: “My heart pains me, seeing a man driving horses.” The horses said: “Listen, sheep, our hearts pain us when we see this: a man, the master, makes the wool of the sheep into a warm garment for himself. And the sheep has no wool.” Having heard this, the sheep fled into the plain.

For more about the story and the language, check out Strange Sounds and


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