Some of the world’s oldest trees

Trees are awesome, no matter how you look at them. They’ve been around for a crazy amount of years, sustain life, and are the home and safety of many animals. Some of these trees have been doing all this for a pretty long time. Here are five of them.

1. Methusaleh

This Bristlecone pine is found in Nevada, in the aptly named Methuselah valley. It is approximately 4,800 years old and is generally regarded as one of the oldest trees ever.


2. Patagonian Cypress

This ancient tree dates back 3,600 years, but scientists have found fossilised remains of “said” tree dating back 36 million years, which is just insane. This one is the newest of its kind and is situated in Chile.

p. cypress

3. The Senator

It’s name might sound ominous, but this Bald Cypress tree dates back 3,400 – 3,500, making it the 5th oldest tree in the world. What makes this tree unique is that it stands 5,100 cubic feet!


4. The Patriarch

One of the oldest deciduous trees in South America, these lean and tall trees have been around for an estimated 3,000 years.


5. General Sherman

It’s not one of the oldest although it’s around 2,700 years old, but I had to add a giant Sequoia tree to the list. It may be the oldest but it is one of the largest in terms of trunk volume, measuring in at 1487 cubic metres.



If only these trees could talk, what stories they would tell!

Check out Environmental Graffiti for more old of the oldest trees!

*I do not own these images


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