The lake of statues

In northern Tanzania there’s a lake that turns animals into calicified statues. Photographer Nick Brandt took some awe-inspiring and pretty creepy pictures of animals caught in the moment of death. Welcome to Lake Natron.


The high temperature of the lake (reaching up to 60 degrees celcius), along with the high amount of sodium carbonate cause the lake to be strong in the mineral Natron. The place is virtually uninhabitable, except for the alkaline tilapia – a fish that has evolved to live in this extreme environment.

Bat from hell

Bat from hell

The animals almost look like they were killed instantly and in the moment of flight, like the Pompeii of Africa… perhaps this is where Medusa lives…

NB Swan

Check out Nick Brandt Photography for some amazing wildlife shots – recommended!

Find out more about this eerie lake via New Scientist

*I do not own these images


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