Ancient curse tablet found

Ancient grudges are the worst, cause they involve curses, hexes and spells! Just like the one recently discovered on a lead tablet dated to 1700 years ago. Hell hath no fury…right?

The ancient tablet, found in Jerusalem, was created by a Roman woman called Kyrilla, who had a pretty nasty grudge towards someone by the name of Lennys, or very well might have been Iennys.

Parts of the curse read:

“I strike down and nail down the tongue, the eyes, the wrath, the ire, the anger, the procrastination, the opposition of Lennys.”¬†

“(Please make sure) he in no way oppose, so that he say or perform nothing adverse to Kyrilla but rather that Lennys, whom the womb bore, be subject to her.”

To get more strength and backing for the curse, Kyrilla calls on six different gods to “make things happen”. In particular Hermes, Persephone, Pluto and Hectate (Greek),¬†Ereschigal (Babylonian) and Abrasax (Christian Gnostic).


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