Archaeology weekly roundup – 24/1/2014

There have been some new and interesting discoveries this week! So without further ado, here they are!

Byzantine-era Church mosaic discovered in Israel

Archaeologists in southern Israel have uncovered a Byzantine-era church dating back 1,500 years. The mosaic is complete with Greek inscriptions, animals like zebras, leopards and turtles. The church was likely the centre for Christian worship for areas such as Ashkelon, Beit Guvrin and Jerusalem during the Byzantine-era.

The excavations have also revealed a pottery workshop which was likely used for making vessels like amphoras, bowls, and cooking pots. Many inhabitants of the region made a living by producing wine, and was the one of the main trading items of the area.


“Royal” quarters found in Egypt right by the Pyramids

A ‘royal’ chamber has been discovered in Egypt that consisted of 21 rooms. The house was situated near the Giza pyramids, and contained remnants of leopard teeth and young cattle bones – inferring that the inhabitants lived like royalty. The mansion was most likely home to high ranking officials such as priests.

The cattle bones found were mainly hind limbs (as fore limbs were offered to the gods), and they were all young cows, pointing to the eating of veal. The leopard teeth confounded researchers, but evidence shows that some ancient priests wore leopard skin headdress, which is why the teeth and not bones of leopards were found. The complex dates back 4,500 years, when the pyramid of Menkaure was being built.


35,000 year old harpoon tips found

I’m not a fan of harpooning, so this discovery, although awesome cause it’s so old, doesn’t really gel well with me. But anyway, archaeologists discovered this 35,000 year old harpoon tip made from bone on Timor – a small island off the coast of Australia.



2 thoughts on “Archaeology weekly roundup – 24/1/2014

  1. I’m going to have to look more into those harpoon tips on Timor. The dates and movements of the peopling of the south Pacific is fascinating. Thanks for the lead.

    P.S. Those poor cute leopards 😦


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