Discovering Doggerland – A Stone Age ‘Atlantis’

Thousands of years ago there was once land where the North Sea is. It’s been given the name Doggerland, and was home to thousands of people and megafauna who enjoyed the richness of the environment.

The land stretched between Scotland and Denmark and is considered the ‘real heart’ of Europe. Slowly but surely the sea levels rose to eventually wipe out this little ‘civilisation’ and the remains now lie of the sea floor.

Mammoth fossil

A slow submersion

The reason behind this slow submersion were the melting glaciers, but the tide was quickened due to a huge tsunami that hit the land around 6000 BC, and virtually wiped out Doggerland. Archaeologists have recently found remnants of life on the North Sea floor, and always had suspicions about this city due to bones being found by fishermen in the area.

The survivors of Doggerland would have fled into areas of Britain as well as Scandinavia, and although it was believed that Britain was always an island, it seems that there could have been a walkway through to northern Europe.

Sustainable environment

The environment was a vast tundra that would have been sustainable for the people who lived and thrived there, with food available like deer, oxen, birds and fish. Big animals like mammoths also would have roamed these plains, along with lions and other Ice Age animals.

With the help of climatologists and geophysicists, the land has been mapped out, and reveals a much bigger and lusher environment than thought. Mammoth fossils have been found in the underwater grave, along with other tools and human bones. Unfortunately many of the artifacts haven’t preserved that well due to the underwater conditions, but archaeologists are optimistic that more lies beneath the North Sea.

Watch this short video about Doggerland below, and read more about the ancient city.


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