Discoveries at Peers Cave, South Africa

Peers Cave is situated in the False Bay region in Cape Town, South Africa. Overlooking the suburbs of Noordhoek and Fish Hoek, the cave has been the home of some amazing discoveries.

Victor Peers

Victor Peers

Discovered by Victor Peers and his son in the 1920s after stumbling upon it on a hike, the father and son team quickly started excavations in 1927. They found embedded shell deposits (which implies the sea level was much higher when the cave was occupied), as well as rope, ostrich egg beads, human fragments and arrow heads. The likely owners of these items were Strandlopers.

One of the discoveries by Peers were three adult skeletons. Most likely only a few hundred years old, they were probably Portuguese explorers, as the deposits were not entirely deep and the skeletons were still in excellent condition.

peers caveWithout a doubt the most amazing of the finds at Peers Cave was that of a blackened skull unearthed in 1929. Sir Arthur Keith, an English anthropologist, determined this find to belong to an inhabitant of the region 15,000 years ago.

Peers Cave is was declared a National Monument in 1941.


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