Was Noah’s Ark round?

A 4,000 year old ancient tablet written in cuneiform from Mesopotamia – modern day Iraq, describes a familiar story – Noah’s Ark. But there’s one difference in this tale, Noah’s Ark was round.

Irving Finkel aka Noah, with his instructions...

Irving Finkel aka Noah, with the clay tablet…

Irving Finkel, the assistant keeper of Middle East at the British Museum translated the tablet and presented the fascinating script to the world as “one of the most important human documents ever discovered.”

Although it might seem strange for the boat to be round and not rectangular as previously thought, round boats known as coracles were common in ancient Iraq, and would have been a suitable vessel to endure floods and stormy seas, yet Finkel is unsure whether it would have floated.

Britain Ancient ArkThe tablet provides instructions by a Mesopotamian god to build an ark due to a foretold flood. It gives amazingly detailed in the building instructions, which has led to the future production of a documentary which will attempt to reconstruct the circular ark to the tablet manual.

This discovery may cause some discussion within Biblical critics, as the Epic of Gilgamesh also has a flood story featuring a large ark.

To this Finkel states: “I don’t think the ark existed, but a lot of people do. It doesn’t really matter. The Biblical version is a thing of itself, and it has a vitality forever.”


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