Another Byzantine church found – This time in a lake

Jeepers Creepers, another Byzantine church has popped up since the one in Israel was found a few weeks ago. This time a church has been discovered in a Turkish Lake of all places.basilicaThe basilica is 1,500 years old is about 20 metres from the shore, which is surprising it was only discovered now as it can be seen from shore apparently. The ruins are similar to Hagia Sophia in Iznik, so it’s been dated to the 5th century AD.

It was thought to have collapsed and sunk after a massive earthquake in AD 740.

I wonder where the next Byzantine church will be found.


4 thoughts on “Another Byzantine church found – This time in a lake

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  2. Something is weird about this find, well a few things. First it’s right there for anyone to see, and also the outline is just too perfect. I think it may be a photoshop hoax possibly used to draw attention/tourism to the region.


    • I agree with you Jen, even as I was researching it, it seemed a bit odd that no one had seen until now, and it’s only 20 metres from the shore!


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