4,600 year old step pyramid found in Egypt

What’s this? Archaeologists have uncovered a step pyramid in the ancient settlement of Edfu in Egypt dating back 4,600 years. Apparently this is one of a several provincial step pyramids all built in similar dimensions.

But back to the pyramid, researchers from the University of Chicago found the dilapidated ruin which now stands at 16 feet tool, but used to be a bigger 43 feet until pillagers and the darn weather got to it. It was either built during the reign of pharaoh Huni or Snefru, both dating to the middle of the 3rd millenium BC.


It is one of seven provincial pyramids built during this period, and was soon forgotten when Khufu decided to build the Great Pyramids of Giza a few decades later, making these smaller step pyramids look like child’s play.

But researchers have discovered some interesting things surrounding this “little” pyramid, especially the burial of children and babies alongside one of the walls with hieroglyphs above them. Archaeologists speculate that this pyramid wasn’t initially used for burial of these kinds, but was used a kind of cemetery years after it was constructed. Whilst on the other side of the pyramid there are remains of what seems to be a food installation system, which will provide clues for researchers to find out what the pyramid was used for.

The similarities between these provincial pyramids are remarkable and all very much alike in building dimensions, the reason for their construction is unknown, which will probably be a great project for budding conspiracy theorists in the future, if not already…


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