A treasure of artefacts found in Egypt

Two tombs, two mummies, three skeletons and an abundance of figurines and artefacts have been discovered in Tel El-Tabila in Dakahliya, Egypt. Quite a discovery if I may say so myself!

archaeo 3

According to a press release by the minister of state for antiquities, the skeletons and tombs date back to the 22nd – 26th dynasties – the Late Ancient Egyptian Period. Inside one of the mastaba tombs lies a mummy, not well preserved, but the hieroglyphic text and cartouche suggest it to be King Psamtiak I of the 26th dynasty.

archaeo 2

The second tomb consisted of badly preserved remains of the occupant, and had a wooden box filled with 286 Ushabti statues. Many of the figurines were also found next to the other skeletons.

archaeo 1

Among other finds include a crazy amount of figurines and amulets (hundreds), some of Ushabti and others include scarabs and the Udjat eye of Horus. One of the most significant finds among the artefacts was a figurine displaying three of the most powerful gods in Egyptian history: Amun, Horus and Neftis.

archaeo 4

The region of Tel El-Tabila is filled with tombs, as it was used as a necropolis in Egyptian antiquity, dating back to this era.

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