Amazing fossils discovered in Canada

Awesome! Fossil hunters get excited, because a treasure of very prehistoric fossils have been discovered in Marble Canyon in Canada’s Kootenay National Park, dating back over 500 millions years ago!

A 'Leanchoilid'

A ‘Leanchoilid’

The site is part of the Burgess Shale, discovered in 1909 – the extraordinary region in Canada where hundreds of fossil finds have been recorded to the Cambrian period – an era dating back 542 million years, when the first living forms exploded onto the fossil record.

This new site, which is 26 miles from the Burgess Shale, rivals this old region, with over 3,000 finds presenting 55 species, with 15 of these being new to science.

One of the new arthropods discovered

One of the new arthropods discovered

What makes this find so significant is the excellent preservation that has kept these fossils perfect, and has allowed geologists to date them to 100,000 years earlier than finds at the old site. The fossils were so well preserved that scientists could even make out the internal organs of these prehistoric arthropods.

The Cambrian period lasted 53 million years with creatures such as worms and arthropods scurrying around. It ended 490 million years ago due to a mass extinction, and gave way to the Ordovician period.

Read the full article on Live Science

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3 thoughts on “Amazing fossils discovered in Canada

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  3. Hi,

    It’s actually the youngest Burgess Shale site, so not earlier than Walcott’s quarry. It is also 26 miles from Walcott’s quarry, and not from the Burgess Shale, as this locality is still within Burgess Shale deposits. Hope this helps! 🙂



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