Building discovered in Ecuador dates to 2,200 BC

I love findings in South America, it’s all so mysterious, and so is this discovery of a building dating back approximately 4,200 years. The area was excavated 3 metres down over a period of two years until the floor of a dwelling was finally unearthed.

ancient_bulding_ecuador (1)

Park supervisor Bernarda Icaza said that “it is the most ancient archaeological find in Rumbipapa Park and in the city of Quito,” located in Ecuador. Researchers still don’t know what culture lived there, but they have discovered some faeces and urine that was tested – providing the age of the site. Also found were human and animal bones from a different period.

Next to the dwelling are traces of volcanic lava, which has led the excavators to believe that the village was destroyed by the eruption of the Guagua Pichincha, and then later on the Pululahua volcano.

This is a significant find as it provides more insight into the origins of South Americans, as many believe the Incas to be their ancestors, but there seem to be even more different, unknown cultures pre-dating.

Source: El Economista Building from 2,200 BC found in Ecuadorian capital


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