The Shroud of Turin image caused by an earthquake?

A massive earthquake measuring 8.2 on the richter scale rocked Old Jerusalem in AD 33, and the neutron radiation released from this quake may have been the reason behind the image on the Shroud of Turin, who many believe to be that of Jesus Christ.


This is going to get a little “sciency” now, so the neutron emissions which mixed with the nitrogen nuclei may have created an x-ray like image on the burial cloth. Neutron radiation is usually caused by fission which is generated by nuclear reactors.

This chemical reaction may have also befuddled the Carbon release, which scientists believe is why the cloth was dated to 728 years ago, and not further back, which has some to believe it was a forgery.

Many believe this image was part of the resurrection of Jesus within the tomb, and all that was left was this ghostly remnant of a man who bears of wounds of a crucifixion.

shroud3-550x300The shroud is said to have passed through many hands since its discovery, with one of the first reports belonging to 14th century French knight. A lawyer by the name of Secondo Pia took the first recorded picture of the cloth, which revealed the image of a man.

Mark Antonacci – President of the Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation – is petitioning to get permission from Pope Francis to allow more research and molecular studies done on the cloth.


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