Decoded Viking message says “Kiss Me”

This seems too good to be true. Right before Valentines Day a 900-year-old Viking text has finally been decoded and reads “Kiss Me”.

woodThe text was written in Runic text, an ancient alphabet, and Runologist (yes, there is such a profession) Jonas Nordby transcribed the code. This type of writing was popular in the 11th and 12th century in the area, and was usually used as a secret language that they would send to each other, (cute ain’t it). It is surprising seeing as Vikings have a reputation for being pretty callous and violent, so it’s nice to see a lighter, more romantic side to them.

So according to this is how Jonas cracked the code:

“For the jötunvillur code, one would replace the original runic character with the last sound of the rune name. For example, the rune for ‘f’, pronounced fe, would be turned into an ‘e’, while the rune for ‘k’, pronounced kaun, became ‘n’.”

Well that went right over my head…

But now the question remains, who was the sender of this love note, and who was the recipient? The plot thickens..

Sources: This is Colossal
Death and Taxes


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