DNA from First Americans reveal ancestors

The burial of a young boy from the Clovis culture dating back approximately 12,600 years ago, has yielded some important DNA linking this culture to Asian ancestry. The finds have also revealed that a large percentage of Native Americans today are descendants of the Clovis people.

022307_clovis (1)It’s long been speculated that the first Americans came from Asia, that they crossed over to the New World via the Bering Land Bridge from the remote areas of Siberia, but this is the first instance where scientists have been able to remove DNA to support this theory.

The young skeleton of a boy aged between one and two years old was one of the only burials found from the Clovis culture, and it took some painstaking work to remove some original DNA that wasn’t affected by bacteria after death. The skeleton was found in 1968 at the Anzick burial site Montana.

From National Geographic:

David Anderson, an anthropologist at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, agreed. “There’s been a standard model for a long time that modern Native Americans are descended from populations coming from East Asia a few thousand years before Clovis, and that’s what this finding reinforces,” said Anderson, who was not involved in the study.


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