Ancient ruins found…in space

There’s always going to be some controversy around “ruins” found on other planets, and lately there’s been some footage leaking from the orbiting stations of the Moon and the Rover gallivanting around Mars.

The Moon

Some of the recently leaked footage of an extra-terrestrial military building on the moon caught by a China’s Chang’e 2 structure orbiting the moon has sparked some new interest in the Moon. The Chinese have also landed their first probe on the moon called the “Jade Rabbit” which has apparently caught some ancient alien life on film.

Check this little video here:


The BIG one! Mars is the ultimate wet dream for alien believers, especially now with Rover finding water, ancient lakes, and possible structures on the red planet. There’s always been a “thing” about Mars since that face was found, and then before you know it there were several movies showing Mars to be a treacherous place with monsters and wind storms.

The latest finding by the Mars Rover suggests flowing water on Mars due to recurring sloping lineae marks which can mean water, or the past existence of water (and water means life).

Other theories around life on Mars surround pyramid-like phenomena, which are linked to the Egyptian structures as well, so obviously the only thing to think would be that peeps from Mars came down and gave a tutorial to the Egyptians. Right? Hmmmmmmmm….

Viking 1976

Ancients and aliens

One of the most popular theories deal with aliens coming down to Earth to provide lessons and give the ancients technology we would never have been able to think up ourselves. The main cultures suggested to have dealings with these “beings” are the Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Inca and more.


To be honest I’m trying not to be biased and trying to keep an open-mind. I mean our galaxy is billions of years old, and we have only been on Earth for a speck of that timeline, so sure, why not believe that once upon a time there was life on other planets, but with programmes like photoshop these days, it seems like the believers just want others to believe so badly that in the end, everything we see becomes unbelievable.

If life out there really was intelligent, how come they haven’t found us either? Pretty sure if they wanted to make their existence known, there wouldn’t be much anyone could do to cover it up… like in Independence Day..

So anyway, what do think?


Source: Before It’s News

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