Conspiracy theorists stole from Giza Pyramid to prove theory

In April 2013, three German conspiracy theorists trying to prove an alien theory, vandalised and stole from the Pyramid of Giza under false pretences. They were really smart too, cause the numnuts went and recorded the whole thing on camera…

Dominique Goerlitz, Stefan Erdmann and their cameraman accessed part of the pyramid that is otherwise inaccessible to normal tourists (probably bribed some guards), and stole several artefacts, one of them allegedly being a sample from the cartouche of Pharoah Khufu. They then smuggled them out of the country.

naughty naughty

naughty naughty

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the Great Pyramids of Giza, the three men are adamant about the pyramids being linked with extra-terrestrials and that the pyramids were built 20,000 years ago by a civilisation believed to be Atlantis, and tried to prove their theory for the world to see. Instead the world saw them commit a rather shady crime.

Further reading of these theories were made popular by the book “Chariots of the Gods” written by Erich von Dniken. In the book he stipulates that aliens came down and designed us humans.

looks legit

looks legit

The crime caught on tape has been looked on lightly by the German government, announcing the men are not part of the German Archaeological Institute. The men will be put on trial due to the strict Antiquity laws in Egypt.

And that’s why you don’t steal from the Pyramids.


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