Ancient forest revealed after storms hit Wales

Surprise! The crazy storms that have hit the Europe and America has washed away sediment on the coast of Wales to reveal ancient trees that are now all over the shore.

The area near the village of Borth, Ceredigion in Mid Wales is a rich archaeological area, but since the hard-hitting storms, this new discovery is just plain awesome! The tree stumps likely date back to the Bronze Age, and are approximately 5,000 years old.

trees 2

The forest was covered in a peat boggy-like sediment which has enabled amazing preservation as the lack of oxygen in these conditions is the best for keeping things in order. Archaeologists always knew there were tree stumps beneath the peat, but never knew the extent of it until now. The storms have revealed both pine and oak trees once littered the coast, along with part of a little walkway made from branches and logs.

According to ancient folklore, this area was called Cantre’r Gwaelod or “The Sunken Hundred” which was once a lush fertile land, but was covered but a massive flood.


Here’s a video documenting the tree stumps:

Source: Mail Online

*I do not own these images – source Mail Online


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