Ancient rock art found in Scottish Highlands

A rare piece of rock art has been uncovered in the Highlands of Scotland, dating back 4,000- 5,000 years ago. The origin is so far unknown and archaeologists are on the hunt for more.

The rock art is pretty unique as it’s not rock art in the sense of paint of even pictures, but more in the aspect of carefully made holes in a boulder. The rock had the holes in it to start with, but when archaeologists turned it over, they found the same holes on the other side, making it evident that these marks were man-made.


The rings were made during the Neolithic period, and the imitation of the holes on both sides raise many questions about the reasons for them. Researchers suggest they could be cup-like holders (because Neolithic people had to put a cold one somewhere too). Other suggestions include mapping of the stars or territorial markers.

Another question this rock asks concerns which is the right side up seeing as the holes are on both sides. There are other rocks with these markings, but they are too large to be turned over to see if the holes are repeated.

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