Archaeology news from the past week 28-2-’14

What’s been happening this week in archaeology, you ask? Well read on and find out…

Han Dynasty coins found in Mongolia

Archaeologists working in Mongolia have come across a coin casting workshop, and have found millions of coins – 1.4 million to be exact. The coins date back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 24). The ruins were found in the ancient city of Erdos in inner Mongolia.


Second oldest German church found

There’s nothing like having to be number 2, and this “Old Cathedral” in Germany will never know what it’ll be like to be “the” oldest. But does have some skeletons found in it, so that’s cool. The church was found in Mainz is located inside the modern evangelical Church (sort of like a church within a church – churchception).

The “Old Cathedral” dates back 1,200 years and was likely built during the time of Charlemagne. Two human skeletons were also found in the Church, likely from the earlier burials. The excavations are still taking place.


Unidentified mummy analysed

An unknown Incan mummy in the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection has recently been analysed and has shown she was killed by several blows to the head. Ouch!. The mystery woman was suffering from Chagas disease when she died, and was covered with sand which preserved her body from the immense Peruvian heat.


World’s oldest cheese found

If they hadn’t found it, they probably would’ve smelt it. The world’s oldest cheese dating back 3,500 (extra matured) has been found on the mummy of an ancient Chinese tomb. The cheese was sprinkled on the chest, and was perfectly preserved. Someone get the crackers!

What nightmares are made of

What nightmares are made of

Microbial “Pompeii” found

Someone didn’t floss! Scientists have found what they described as a microbial “Pompeii” – it’s actually a tooth that has microscopic bacteria – what we call plaque – and holds the key to the diets of people 1,000 years ago.


Here are some stories from the week past, check it:

Scientists analyse world’s oldest crust

Rock art found in Hawaii

Whale fossils found in Chilean desert

Ancient rock art found in Scottish Highlands


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