Nine new biblical scrolls found in Qumran Caves

Archaeologists have uncovered nine new scrolls from the same caves that yielded the Dead Sea Scrolls in the mid-twentieth century.

The Qumran Caves in Israel provide suitable conditions for preservation such as the dry heat. The new biblical texts are tiny in size and were found hidden away in three leather tefillin cases – used by Orthodox Jews during prayer.


What’s quite astonishing about this is that these scrolls were right under researchers noses. The cases were found in the 1950s, but no one thought to check what was inside till now, and surprise surprise, it’s a MASSIVE discovery. The scrolls will lend more knowledge surrounding the famous Dead Sea Scrolls and also produce extra biblical information.

Researchers will carry on searching the Qumran Caves as there could possibly be more hidden treasures yet to be found. In the late 1940s – 50s, archaeologists found over 900 scrolls in 11 different caves, providing biblical extracts from Deuteronomy, Exodus, Genesis, Isaiah and Kings.

Sources: Live Science
              Archaeology News Network


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