Four new tombs discovered in Egypt

Keeping up with the discovery streak in Egypt, four more tombs have been found in the Aswan region dating back to the New Kingdom. The tombs were located on The Elephantine Island in the Nile River.

The tombs are well decorated and displays a period up to the Greco-Roman era. The first tomb belonged to a an Elephantine prince called User, which is decorated with images of him with his family and dieties. Among the drawings is User wearing leopard skin and surrounded by five priests providing an offering to the gods.


The second tomb belongs to Ba-Nefer who was a supervisor to the priests. Just like User, his tomb displays images of him with his family and gods.

The third tombs occupant was Amenhotep, holder of stamps and also a ruler of Elephantine, his tomb is decorated with texts, his wife and the purification process. While the fourth has the remains of another Elephantine ruler User Wadjat.


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