9,000 year old death masks go on display in Jerusalem

Scary and kinda creepy, basically not something you want to see someone wearing in a dark alley. These 9,000 year old masks of the dead are the oldest masks ever found, and they’re going on display in Jerusalem.

There is a total of 12 masks, and they all have the same gaping mouths and wide eyes. But they are all different as they were meant to signify the spirit of the deceased.


The masks were all painted, but over time they have all faded in hue, except for one. The people who created these masks during the Neolithic period were most likely Judean nomads who eventually gave up the wandering life to settle down permanently. But because their existence predates writing by a few thousand years, there is no information about the cultures who created them.

Try not to think of these before you go to sleep…

Sources: Daily Mail
              Catholic Online

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