The Mystery of the 4,000 year old Bronze Age burial

Archaeologists in Dartmoor, Britain, have discovered the burial mound of a young person dating back to the Bronze Age.

Their body was cremated, but scraps of their shroud, charred wood for the funeral pyre, fur, and a basket of their possessions have also been found. Sounds like a simple burial ritual right… wrong! What’s causing scientists to scratch their heads is the fact that these remnants were carried far up into the hills and buried in a spot riddled with peat.

Dartmoor discovery

Even though this is a weird place to bury a little treasure box, the peat bog has actually preserved the items for researchers to analyse today.

The isolation of the burial is far from the closest known village in the area, making the area for her burial seemingly intentional. Researchers presume the charred bones are that of a woman aged in her early twenties, but the gender is still up in the air. The items in the box being beads and a necklace have led researchers to her more female direction.

The fur found was also a rare find, as it didn’t link up with any living animal, but is suggested to be that of an extinct bear.

The mystery of who they were and why they were buried in this precise location is still being solved, and luckily for anyone interested they’ve turned their research and findings into a documentary called, Mystery of the Moor, on BBC2.


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