Ancient faces decorate 9,000 year old staff

A staff made from bone detailed with faces has been found in southern Syria, and dates back roughly 9,000 years!

The discovery of the staff was found near an ancient graveyard where up to 30 skeletons were found without their heads, which were found nearby in a separate area…macabre. Researchers suggest that these bodies were dug up and the skulls removed and moved to a separate area. The reason is not known.


The staff was likely used during funeral rituals, with the bone staff playing a part in the spiritual activities. The staff could have been longer with more faces etched in, but this part has not been recovered. The rib bone of an Auroch was used as the staff material, with the faces being the first depiction of the people in the area during this time, most likely farmers.

Archaeologists are still uncertain what exactly the staff was used for, but it could have been ancestor worship.

Source: Live Science


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