News from the wire – the archaeology weekly roundup 14/3/’14

Another week, some more discoveries.. check out what’s been happening in the world of history and archaeology.

‘Peking Man’ used fired

When Peking Man was found in the 1920s it caused a stir, making scientists believe that the origin of mankind came from Asia and not Africa. Now that we all know this to be the other way around, new evidence has shown that the 770,000 year old specimens of old Peking used fire or A’ta (for Quest for Fire fans..).

Samples of the soil was analysed and tested positive for carbon and fire inducing elements dating to this time. The site is located in Zhoukoudia, China and is known as ‘Dragon Bone Hill’.


Did climate change help Genghis Khan create his empire?

The Mongolian Empire was one of the biggest in history, they invaded most of the eastern world, and ruled it too. Genghis Khan, the fierce leader who started it all led the empire until his sons and grandsons took over. But how did it all begin? And how did they have the resources to be such a powerful group?

Well, of course science knows! New research of trees in the area that live for thousands of years have provided insight into the climate when the empire arose…and from 1211-1230, the environment saw one of its wettest and warmest periods, right when Genghis grew is empire. The reason this would have aided him in his taking over the world plans, was because of the grasslands. More grass means more horses, yaks and camels, all resources to help with war, travel and food, as well as wealth!

Genghis Khan

1,500 year old coffin unearthed in China

A coffin dating back 1,500 years ago has been opened in Xilin Gol League museum in China. The coffin was found in China’s inner Mongolian autonomous region. Archaeologists are still unsure who the coffin’s owner is.



I could list all the stories from the week, but then you would be reading forever! So here are some links to more stories:

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9,000 year old death masks go on display on Jerusalem


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