Thieves steal part of fresco from Pompeii

A couple of ratscallions have stolen a section of a fresco depicting the goddess Artemis, from the ancient city of Pompeii.

Although it’s obviously illegal and pretty darn disrespectful, how these guys managed to do it kind of impressive. I mean Pompeii has security guards I’m sure, and yet the thieves managed to get into an unauthorised part of the city and chisel out a fresco from the wall.



It was actually stolen on March 11, but the local police didn’t report it as they didn’t want to botch up the case, but that fresco stolen from the House of Neptune with a painting of Artemis on it is likely halfway across the world by now.



Another theory to put out there is the current disintegration of the city, which is being tormented now by landslides and heavy rains and is slowly and surely withering away, as if being destroyed by Vesuvius in AD 79 wasn’t bad enough. Maybe these thieves just wanted to protect some ancient culture before the wall collapsed.

Either way, what they’ve done is wrong, and here’s hoping the ancient fresco turns up soon.


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