Hidden tattoo found on Egyptian mummy

Well, well, well, looks like someone was a rebel before the years of sleeves and stamps. Research being done on a mummified woman has revealed a hidden tattoo dating back 1300 years ago.

The woman is believed to have lived in the Christian community in Sudan during this period, and the tattoo on her inner thigh is said to be the oldest found in this era. She was between 20 – 35 years old and was wrapped in linen cloth after death. She died in approximately AD 700.


New research is being conducted on eight mummies at the British Museum during a special exhibition called Ancient Lives: New Discoveries which will be launched in May.

Through the use of CT scans and new technology, researchers were able to distinguish the tattoo. Assembled in ancient Greek letters and deciphered by researchers to form the letters M-I-X-A-H-A, the tattoo is the symbol of the Archangel Michael.

It is still not known why she had the tattoo, researchers speculate for protection purposes, but for whatever reason she had for the mark, it must’ve been mighty sore.

Check out more about this on The Telegraph


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