Discovered Egyptian tomb was part of ancient pyramid

An tomb which was the entrance to a 23-foot pyramid has been discovered in the ancient cemetery of Abydos in Egypt. The amazing find is 3,300 years old.

The archaeological team have recovered some awesome features of the tomb which would have been beneath the pyramid. There are several chambers already, with one having a sandstone sarcophagus painted red, which was for a scribe called Horemheb, who was also a general in Tutankhamen’s army. The sarcophagus had Egyptian gods and spells from the Book of the Dead inscribed on it.


Unfortunately there is no mummy inside, but excavators have found skeletons for 3-4 men, 10-12 women and 2 children. They might’ve been the wives and children of the men, but this is purely conjecture to be honest. Radiocarbon analysis still needs to be done to find out why they died, and how old they are exactly.


In other section of the tombs, researchers have found several Ushabti figurines and the inscription of a man called Ramesu.

One of the finds that have peeps so interested in this discovery, is a rare heart amulet made from red and green jasper. It was broken into three pieces, and was likely used in spells involving the Book of the Dead. The ancient Egyptians believed after death, your heart would be put on a scale to be measured against a feather – Ma’at – if the scale weighed equal, they would obtain eternal life. A practice dealing with truth and justice in ancient Egypt.

The tomb looks as it has been raided a few times throughout history, which is why the sarcophagi were likely empty and ruined. But they left the heart amulet behind, which makes you wonder what other treasures this ancient tomb has or had.


For more check out Live Science and IB Times.


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