Ancient Egyptian coffin found in Israel

During the excavation of a gas pipeline, workers unearthed a 3,300 year old Egyptian coffin in the Jezreel Valley, northern Israel.

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The coffin has a rare anthropoid lid (cover is sculpted to the image of the person), which is only the second one found in Israel in the past 50 years. Along with the coffin, a gold scarab fixed to a ring was also uncovered with the mark of Seti I on it. The coffin dates to the 13th century BC when Seti (father of Rameses II) was the pharoah of Egypt.

Officials are unsure who the man was inside the coffin, but his skeleton was found, which will enable DNA analysis to see if her was a Canaanite with Egyptian beliefs, or an Egyptian official in the area. Whoever he was, he was clearly of some wealth.


Alongside the coffin, archaeologists also found a bronze dagger, pottery, hammered pieces of bronze and a bronze bowl.

Skeletons of two men and two women were found near the coffin as well, which could have possibly been the man’s family.


For more check out Israel National News


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