Humans and Neanderthals got it on

A new study by a group of European researchers have confirmed that humans and neanderthals hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing.

A new method of analysing genomes was used with DNA, and is explained in the April issue of the journal Genetics.


Until now, there have been two possible hypothesis to our striking link to Neanderthals:

1) We interbred with them

2) Some humans evolved in isolated areas to have similar traits to Neanderthals after splitting with our common ancestor.

Well, strike out number 2, cause the new research is batting for the first scenario by using a single genome from several types including Neanderthal, European/Asian, African and Chimpanzee.

Apparently the new method also portrays a higher DNA ratio of Neanderthals to modern humans, but this is likely to vary in different circumstances. The new method is an important part in figuring out our evolutionary history, and can also be used to track the genetic evolution of other species.

Check out Archaeology News Network for more.


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