Skeleton found in Melkbostrand, Cape Town

In the somewhat surprising April heat, archaeologists in Cape Town found human remains in the coastal area of Melkbostrand, which may date back 3,000 years.

Construction workers came across a human skeleton which was removed by police, but as the research team moved in, they found a second complete skeleton.


Archaeologists Louisa Hutten believes there could be more remains beneath some of the other houses, but this find allows them to do important analysis to reveal who these people were, what they ate and how they died.

“It sort of gives us an idea of how the people occupied the landscape and what they ate and the way they lived on the landscape. And we can learn more from the skeletons itself – the age and if they have some sort of disease or malnutrition or anything like that.”

Check out this video for more info and have a look at ENCA.


2 thoughts on “Skeleton found in Melkbostrand, Cape Town

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