8 awesome rock art sites around the world

Imagine going for a hike and you come across a cave decorated to the max with rock art dating back to the last Ice Age some 30,000 years ago. Wanna know where these awesome sites are? Here are 8 of the best.

Rock art is an important aspect in archaeology, it provides researchers with an artistic glimpse into the past, a visual of what they saw, the animals that were alive, and some of the traditions they stuck by.

Altamira Cave, Spain

Altamira Cave, Spain

San rock art, Southern Africa



The Cave of Hands (Cueva de las manos), Argentina 

hand paintings, argentina

Lascuax, France



Laas Gaal, Somalia

Laas Gaal, Somalia

Gabarnmung Rock Shelter (Dreamtime Cave), Australia

gabarnmung cave

dreamtime cave, gabammung, australia

Rouffignac Cave, France


Chauvet Cave, France (I should try to stay objective with these, but this one is my favourite)

chauvet cave, france


PS: I don’t own these images.


7 thoughts on “8 awesome rock art sites around the world

    • Thanks so much John! Had a look at the rock art in Texas now, really beautiful stuff and great to see the conservation happening there as well!

      Thanks for sharing!

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