First Eurasians left Africa 130,000 years ago

New studies by a research team led by Katerina Harvati of the University of Tubingen, Germany, have revealed that early humans left Africa earlier than first thought, 130,000 years ago and likely took a southern route through the Arabian peninsula.

There have been many challenged “Out-of-Africa” theories, and most scientists agree that pretty much everyone today is a descendant of an ancestral group living 100,000 – 200,000 years ago in Africa.


The team studied different hypothetical scenarios of migrations, and also found that the exodus happened at different times, with the first being older than originally thought. The next is suggested to be around 50,000 years ago to northern Eurasia.

It gets a little technical now, but basically the team studied the cranial data of early and modern humans from different parts of the world (or along the suggested migratory route). Seeing as each dispersal period is associated with the specific geographic areas, the team could compare the biological distances between groups using genetic and cranial data.


The southern dispersal route is one that has not been intensely researched, giving the research team an opportunity to really explore these routes and understand early humans and their migratory patterns.

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