The 2,000 year old chisel that helped build the Western Wall

An archaeologist working at a section of the Western Wall in Jerusalem has found a 2,000 year old chisel, which he believes was used during the construction of one of the holiest places in Israel.

The Western or Wailing Wall is a holy spot for both Jews and Muslims with the Temple Mount being right next door. Along with the chisel, the team also discovered a Roman sword, coins, cooking vessels, a ceramic seal and a gold bell.

A very important chisel

A very important chisel

Interestingly, these artifacts suggest that the Temple wasn’t built by King Herod, as some of them, especially the coins are said to date to after King Herod’s death

It’s proposed then that the Western Wall wasn’t even built at the time of King Herod, but was built by one of his descendants.


Archaeologist Eli Shukron, who found the chisel last December, is adamant this ancient tool was used by a builder who, after he dropped it, failed to retrieve it amongst the rubble, and there it’s been ever since. The IAA (Israeli Antiquities Authority) has not confirmed this claim, and will wait till analysis has been done to give their statement.

The Western Wall is far further than what many may think. This chisel was found at the base of the wall about six metres below Jerusalem’s main street.


People pray and kiss these holy stones every day, but somebody carved them, somebody chiseled them, somebody positioned them,” says Shukron.

Check out more about it on Discovery News 


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