Two Egyptian tombs discovered

Holy smokes, not one, but two 26th dynasty tombs were discovered by a Spanish/Egyptian team excavating in the Al-Bahnasa site in Minya, Egypt. Archaeologists found an array of artefacts from bamboo pens to mummified fish.


In tomb number one, the remains of an Egyptian scribe were recovered. The writer is said to have been of some importance due to some of the possessions found in his tomb – a bronze inkwell, two bamboo pens, the lid of a canopic jar, and bizarrely mummified fish – the first time this has been found.

The name of the scribe hasn’t been deciphered yet.


In tomb number two was housed an ancient priest who was evidently the head of family, some of the members being priest of the Osirion Temple.

Inside the tomb, archaeologists unearthed a canopic jar carved in alabaster with hieroglyphic text, a collection of stone sarcophagi and bronze Osirion statues. A substantial amount of coins were also found, likely symbolising the wealth of the period of ancient Egypt.

stone sarcophagus

Check out Ahram Online for more.


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