So that’s how they built the pyramids..

Ok, not exactly built, but researchers have discovered how the ancient Egyptians schlepped those massive limestone blocks across the desert to the pyramid’s site..the answer..wet sand.

Physicists from the FOM Foundation in the University of Amsterdam discovered this amazing explanation and tried experiments to test their theory. Their research was published online in the Physical Review Letters.


It seems that the builders of the pyramids used a flat sled with the stone blocks on top to transport. But they found it difficult to pull it as the flat surface would get dug up in the dry sandy sand.

So the ancients tried making the sand wet, which would make it more solid, this smoothed out the surface and made it easier to pull said blocks and statues to the final resting spot.

The researchers also looked at ancient wall paintings that illustrate a designated person to pour liquid onto the sand while the others pulled a massive statue.




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