[SPOILER ALERT] What happens to the characters in Vikings?

WARNING: If you want to know what happens to the characters Ragnar, Bjorn, Floki and more from History Channels Vikings, then read on, but I don’t want to be a spoiler for anyone who doesn’t want to know, so pretend you never saw this..

I think it’s agreeable that Vikings is one of the best shows on TV at the mo, and the series finale on Thursday was awe-some. The third season is only coming out in 2015 (meh).

So instead of waiting for that and probably more seasons, here’s what research I could find on some of the characters. Whether it’ll reflect the same in the series, who knows, but here it is anyway.


Ragnar Lodbrok: The legendary Norseman who is so fricking cool eventually became King and was successful on many raids of France and England. There are many tellings of Ragnar in epics, but if he actually existed, well that’s another story.

According to the legend, on one of his raids of England he was captured by King Aella and was killed by being thrown into a pit of snakes.

Rollo: Rollo was a great warrior and apparently so tall he never needed to use a horse.. He was baptized as Robert I, and was the founder of the first Viking principality, eventually to become Normandy.

He is also recognised as Ganger Hrolf by Icelandic and Norwegian historians. His descendants were the Dukes of Normandy.

Bjorn Ironside: Actually son of Ragnar and Aslaug, Bjorn was a semi-legendary King of Sweden and was great naval commander, raiding vast areas of the Mediterranean from Spain to Pisa and more. Him and his brother Ivar the Boneless led the Great Heathen Army against England.

After his raids, he lived out the rest of his life in Scandinavia as a wealthy man, he had two sons Refil and Erik Bjornsson, who later became King of Sweden.


Ivar the Boneless: Son of Ragnar and also depicted as a Berserker, Ivar the Boneless was crazy. In the show he’s depicted as having no bones in his legs – this is one theory, with the other actually being his flexibility.

He was also a great raider and leader, and when Ragnar was killed by King Aella, him and Bjorn attacked Northumbria in vengeance. They were pushed back, so instead Ivar initiated a truce for land. The Vikings had a large area to create a stable town, modern day York.

Eventually Ivar turned many of the people against King Aella, and attacked again with a stronger army, capturing the King and as revenge he cast a Blood Eagle on Aella’s back.

Floki: The wily, spiritual Viking was the first to deliberately sail to Iceland. After hearing of land there, he sailed with his family. Commonly known as Raven-Floki after using these birds to navigate to the island.

Once there he was ill-prepared for the harsh cold winter, and when hiking up one of the mountains, only saw ice covering the land he could see, thus calling it Island (Iceland).

Although he thought the land was worthless after returning to Scandinavia, he later went back where he lived until his death.


Lagertha: There is not much about Lagertha in the chronicles, only writings of her by a 12th century Anglo-Saxon called Saxo, but his writings are deemed fictional.

She was a great shieldmaiden and ruled her own land. She is commonly compared with the goddess Thorgerd.


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