The mystery of the 8th century Assyrian seal

At the archaeological site of Omrit in northern Israel, a research team made two incredible yet head-scratching discoveries. The first being an Assyrian seal, with the second being a gold ring.

sealThe seal dates back to 700 BC, the time when Sargon II ruled Assyria and conquered Israel. It’s believed the seal was sent to the ancient city at this time. Sounds pretty straight forward, the mystery is due to WHERE it was found. It was discovered in a layer of filler of an early shrine that was built 700 years before the seal itself was created.

This has confused archaeologists for quite some time, as the seal was actually found in 2012, but the research has been on-going since.

The seal is in immaculate condition and depicts a battle between a winged creature and a bull on its hind legs. Seals like this are rarely found, so this was an amazing discovery for the team.

orange ringThe mystery of the orange ring

Another artefact found was an orange coloured ring. TheĀ ancient ring is made of carnelian stone and dates back to the 12th – 13th century AD. It was found at an ancient Muslim settlement in the area. The origin of the ring is also unclear as other artefacts of this nature have been found, but date a several centuries later than this one.


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